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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Few Good Links (vol. 16)

It's tabclearingday.
  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson continues to demonstrate that Chesterton was right when he said that the most dogmatic of men are those who deny that they are dogmatic.
  2. The end of an age never comes swiftly, yet many are startled when it arrives. Mike Flynn tells the story of how our present age is ending.
  3. On a related note, a consequence (or symptom?) of this slow slide to the suicide of a civilization is that degrees from college are costing more and more and meaning less and less. Which is why we will almost certainly begin to hear the shrill voices of the feminist shrews complaining about the fact that women are wasting money on worthless degrees at a higher rate than men--curse the patriarchy for causing men to fail out of college and thus be in a prime position to recover when the current degree-based economy finally collapses.
  4. The synod on the family is looking like an ugly affair--and this is before it has begun.
  5. The new slavery is surrogacy, and the educated (really educated, not the certified men who have been indoctrinated) will call it what it is. Then they will be targeted for harassment by one of the most powerful (and insidious) movements in the country: "Cursed am I for having studied so much antebellum black literature. I can’t help but point out that black suffering came from a practice of people buying people, and now, because they can’t procreate naturally, homosexuals are buying people and calling them their children. I know, I know – we’re not talking about whips and chains or being forced to harvest sugarcane. But is slavery minus atrociously painful labor no longer slavery?"
  6. On Bayes, and other things.
  7. Liberalism (really, progressivism, for they do not deserve the title "liberal") has its compulsions, its own "anti-choice" (to use their phrase but applied more properly) and anti-freedom tendencies.
That's what I have time for.

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