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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why So Scarce?

In case you are wondering why my posting has become so scare, there are actually several reasons:

  1. Life adjustments: I just went through a major move across several states. Further, I did this in two stages, once alone and then again with the rest of my family. I've been busy steeling after that.
  2. Life adjustments pt. 2: I had assumed that I would be less busy in my new job than at my old one. I am now a professor at a small college, and though I will eventually (as in, later this year) have to get back into doing research, there is a bit of a lul on that front so that I can focus on teaching classes. This semester, I am only teaching two different classes (a lecture and a lab), though with several sections of each. It is taking a lot of my time to prepare for these each week. Since next semester I will actually have more of these classes, I am also scrambling to work out all the other little things that I think I should do over the course of the year--these I am trying to do now while my course load is relatively light.
  3. Life adjustments part 3: I spend less time at work now than before, but a lot more focused time, and then lots of time with little tasks. I therefore get home by 7 each evening (plus or minus one hour), but I am usually very tired when that happens. My wife is similarly tired at that point, and wants me to watch our daughter (to give the wife a break, and also to let her make dinner un-interrupted).
  4. No internet access at home. This will soon be remedied, but most of my down time is at home, away from the internet.
  5. I am still contributing occasional posts elsewhere, but this is maybe one post per week on average, if that.
  6. Internet access from my laptop is spotty even while I am at work (and on break, of course). I think our network doesn't like my laptop for some reason. I can apparently receive emails but not send them from my email client, for example.

That covers most of it. My hope is to at least get back to one solid post here a week, and maybe get to where I can post stuff elsewhere over the weekends. We'll see--my wife has definitely filled a lot of weekend space with planned (read: compulsory) activities such as a garage sale to get rid of some of our unused and frankly unwanted stuff (most of which is perfectly good stuff, just not useful to us).

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