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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quick Link: #YesAllWomen

"#YesAllWomen" seems to me to be twitter-speak for "promote a false dichotomy." To claim that women ought to act with modesty is not to excuse men from acting with decency. Is it unfortunate that women risk facing actual consequences for their immodesty, but men get off scot-free for their indecency? Yes, but that does not change the fact of it. The result of this and so many other "feminist" attempts to shift all blame to men has a curious effect: men will be increasingly treated as if potential (or actual) rapists in all things except for the affording of some amount of caution by women. Strange times are these, when a woman is encouraged to provoke the supposed potential rapist and the cry out in anger if he rewards her provocation (whether with intercourse or merely words and a lustful look).

And, as an alternative, there's this.

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